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Carbon Rings/Bearings

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Product Description
Carbon Rings/Bearings
Carbon Rings and bearings have been progressively developed by us with experience and research over the last many years. They are used extensively where contamination from oil or grease is undesirable. Carbon Bearings are giving long life and shafts were highly polished with negligible wear, no maintenance or grease being required. Carbon Rings and Bearings are being used in most of all the textile Machineries, which are self lubricating chemically inert, low weight, high thermal conductivity and consistency to temperature changes. We have developed all types of Carbon Rings and Bearings which are currently and regularly being utilized i power projects, Chemical Industries, Food Industries, all the textile mills and process houses for their machines like jigger, Drying Range, Soaper, Doll Head, Rotary Joints, J.Box Machines, and continuous Bleaching Plant etc. Also we undertake to supply as per your specification sample or drawings.
Steam Joint Rings are used in Rotary pressure joints. These seal rings effect flow of hot liquid or steam from a stationery supply pipe to a rotating machine part. Such machineries like rubber mixing roller mills, calendaring machines and cylinders are used in papers and textile industries as well as in plastics, chemicals and other industries for similar application.
Material Used :
• Carbon Resin Impregnated ( Sinthered Process )
• Carbon Metal Impregnated ( Sinthered Process )
• Deva Metal Carbon ( Press To Mould )
• Indigenous Carbon ( Press To Mould )
For :
• Textile Industries
• Paper Industries
• Food Industries
• Other Industries
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